About the Minor Arcana

Each suit contains ten numbered cards, from ace to ten, as well as four court cards: page, knight, queen, and king. The numbered cards reflect different stages of a particular aspect of life, while the court cards represent different personality types or archetypes.

In tarot readings, the minor arcana can provide insight into specific areas of a person's life, and can help the reader to gain a deeper understanding of their current situation. They can also offer guidance and advice on how to move forward, and what actions to take.

Overall, the minor arcana is a rich and complex system of symbols and meanings, offering a wealth of information and insight into the human experience. Whether used for divination or personal growth, the minor arcana can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and transformation.

  • Ace of Wands

    UPRIGHT: new beginnings, inspiration, creativity

    REVERSED: lack of direction, delays, lack of inspiration

    full meaning 
  • Two of Wands

    UPRIGHT: planning, decision-making, progress

    REVERSED: lack of progress, fear of the unknown, indecision

    full meaning 
  • Three of Wands

    UPRIGHT: expansion, growth, opportunities

    REVERSED: lack of progress, missed opportunities, setbacks

    full meaning 
  • Four of Wands

    UPRIGHT: celebration, harmony, stability

    REVERSED: instability, conflict, lack of harmony

    full meaning 
  • Five of Wands

    UPRIGHT:  competition, conflict, challenges

    REVERSED: resolution, compromise, harmony

    full meaning 
  • Six of Wands

    UPRIGHT: success, recognition, victory

    REVERSED: lack of recognition, arrogance, self-doubt

    full meaning 
  • Seven of Wands

    UPRIGHT: perseverance, courage, resilience

    REVERSED: giving up, feeling overwhelmed, lack of courage

    full meaning 
  • Eight of Wands

    UPRIGHT: movement, action, momentum

    REVERSED: delays, lack of progress, stagnation

    full meaning 
  • Nine of Wands

    UPRIGHT: resilience, perseverance, courage

    REVERSED: giving up, lack of resilience, feeling defeated

    full meaning 
  • Ten of Wands

    UPRIGHT: burden, responsibility, hard work

    REVERSED: release, delegation, letting go of responsibilities

    full meaning 
  • Page of Wands

    UPRIGHT: exploration, enthusiasm, creativity, new beginnings

    REVERSED: lack of direction, delays, impatience, recklessness

    full meaning 
  • Knight of Wands

    UPRIGHT: Ambition, action, adventure, passion

    REVERSED: haste, impulsiveness, lack of follow-through, burnout

    full meaning 
  • Queen of Wands

    UPRIGHT: confidence, courage, leadership, independence

    REVERSED: self-doubt, co-dependency, emotional instability, manipulation

    full meaning 
  • King of Wands

    UPRIGHT: mastery, authority, charisma, vision

    REVERSED: tyranny, arrogance, control issues, misuse of power

    full meaning 
  • Ace of Cups

    UPRIGHT: new emotions, love, creativity

    REVERSED: blocked emotions, lack of love, emotional instability

    full meaning 
  • Two of Cups

    UPRIGHT: partnership, love, harmony

    REVERSED: disharmony, conflict, unbalanced relationship

    full meaning 
  • Three of Cups

    UPRIGHT: celebration, friendship, joy

    REVERSED: overindulgence, excess, isolation, lack of balance

    full meaning 
  • Four of Cups

    UPRIGHT: contemplation, introspection, apathy

    REVERSED: new opportunities, appreciation, gratitude

    full meaning 
  • Five of Cups

    UPRIGHT: loss, grief, disappointment

    REVERSED: acceptance, moving on, finding new meaning

    full meaning 
  • Six of Cups

    UPRIGHT: nostalgia, childhood memories, innocence

    REVERSED: living in the past, moving on, letting go, releasing the past

    full meaning 
  • Seven of Cups

    UPRIGHT: choices, illusions, fantasies

    REVERSED: clarity, focus, making decisions

    full meaning 
  • Eight of Cups

    UPRIGHT: walking away, letting go, seeking something more

    REVERSED: feeling stuck, fear of change, indecision

    full meaning 
  • Nine of Cups

    UPRIGHT: satisfaction, happiness, contentment

    REVERSED: greed, excess, lack of gratitude

    full meaning 
  • Ten of Cups

    UPRIGHT: happiness, harmony, fulfillment

    REVERSED: disharmony, dissatisfaction, unfulfilled expectations

    full meaning 
  • Page of Cups

    UPRIGHT: intuition, imagination, emotional depth, new ideas

    REVERSED: emotional immaturity, creative blocks, unrealistic expectations, escapism

    full meaning 
  • Knight of Cups

    UPRIGHT: romance, artistic expression, sensitivity, emotional healing

    REVERSED: emotional instability, emotional manipulation, relationship issues, seduction, creative stagnation, avoidance

    full meaning 
  • Queen of Cups

    UPRIGHT: empathy, nurturing, intuition, compassion

    REVERSED: emotional instability, overly emotional, codependency, lack of empathy, moodiness

    full meaning 
  • King of Cups

    UPRIGHT: emotional intelligence, wisdom, maturity, calmness

    REVERSED: emotional repression, manipulation, moodiness, lack of control

    full meaning 
  • Ace of Swords

    UPRIGHT: clarity, breakthrough, mental focus

    REVERSED: confusion, chaos, lack of direction

    full meaning 
  • Two of Swords

    UPRIGHT: decision-making, being at crossroads, weighing up options

    REVERSED: indecision, stalemate, hesitancy, truth revealed, seeing clearly 

    full meaning 
  • Three of Swords

    UPRIGHT: heartbreak, grief, betrayal

    REVERSED: healing, forgiveness, moving on

    full meaning 
  • Four of Swords

    UPRIGHT: rest, retreat, solitude

    REVERSED: restlessness, burnout, lack of peace

    full meaning 
  • Five of Swords

    UPRIGHT: conflict, defeat, betrayal

    REVERSED: resolution, compromise, forgiveness

    full meaning 
  • Six of Swords

    UPRIGHT: transition, travel, progress

    REVERSED: delay, lack of progress, feeling stuck

    full meaning 
  • Seven of Swords

    UPRIGHT: deception, sneakiness, strategy

    REVERSED: honesty, integrity, facing consequences

    full meaning 
  • Eight of Swords

    UPRIGHT: feeling trapped, limitations, isolation

    REVERSED: freedom, release, breaking free

    full meaning 
  • Nine of Swords

    UPRIGHT: anxiety, fear, nightmares

    REVERSED: healing, releasing fear, overcoming anxiety

    full meaning 
  • Ten of Swords

    UPRIGHT: rock bottom, ending, release

    REVERSED: new beginnings, hope, healing

    full meaning 
  • Page of Swords

    UPRIGHT: curiosity, mental agility, communication, new perspectives

    REVERSED: dishonesty, confusion, mental blocks, lack of communication

    full meaning 
  • Knight of Swords

    UPRIGHT: action, decisiveness, strategic thinking, leadership

    REVERSED: haste, recklessness, impatience, lack of direction

    full meaning 
  • Queen of Swords

    UPRIGHT: clarity, objectivity, independence, intellect

    REVERSED: coldness, bitterness, manipulation, cruelty

    full meaning 
  • King of Swords

    UPRIGHT: rationality, mastery, authority, integrity

    REVERSED: abuse of power, manipulation, dishonesty, lack of accountability

    full meaning 
  • Ace of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: opportunity, abundance, prosperity

    REVERSED: missed opportunity, financial instability, lack of resources

    full meaning 
  • Two of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: balance, adaptability, juggling priorities

    REVERSED: imbalance, difficulty managing tasks, lack of flexibility

    full meaning 
  • Three of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: teamwork, collaboration, skill mastery

    REVERSED: lack of collaboration, lack of skill, ego clashes

    full meaning 
  • Four of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: security, stability, possessiveness

    REVERSED: fear of loss, financial insecurity, greed

    full meaning 
  • Five of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: hardship, poverty, isolation

    REVERSED: overcoming challenges, reaching out for help, finding comfort

    full meaning 
  • Six of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: generosity, charity, sharing wealth

    REVERSED: selfishness, stinginess, greed

    full meaning 
  • Seven of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: patience, perseverance, hard work

    REVERSED: lack of progress, impatience, giving up too soon

    full meaning 
  • Eight of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: skill mastery, hard work, dedication

    REVERSED: lack of focus, lack of skill, lack of progress

    full meaning 
  • Nine of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: independence, financial security, luxury

    REVERSED: financial insecurity, dependence, loss of luxury

    full meaning 
  • Ten of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: family, legacy, abundance

    REVERSED: family conflict, financial loss, lack of legacy

    full meaning 
  • Page of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: learning, exploration, new opportunities, potential

    REVERSED: missed opportunities, lack of focus, recklessness, lack of commitment

    full meaning 
  • Knight of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: stability, responsibility, reliability, hard work

    REVERSED: feeling stuck, perfectionism, workaholic, laziness, lack of progress

    full meaning 
  • Queen of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: nurturing, abundance, practicality, generosity

    REVERSED: financial instability, misplaced priorities, lack of generosity, codependency

    full meaning 
  • King of Pentacles

    UPRIGHT: wealth, prosperity, material success, mastery

    REVERSED: financial loss, greed, stubbornness, materialism

    full meaning