• 0 The Fool

    UPRIGHT: new beginnings, innocence, spontaneity

    REVERSED: recklessness, irresponsibility, foolishness

    full meaning 
  • I The Magician

    UPRIGHT: manifestation, power, confidence

    REVERSED: manipulation, trickery, misuse of power

    full meaning 
  • II The High Priestess

    UPRIGHT: intuition, mystery, secrets

    REVERSED: confusion, blocked intuition, hidden agendas

    full meaning 
  • III The Empress

    UPRIGHT: abundance, nurturing, creativity

    REVERSED: neglect, stagnation, overindulgence

    full meaning 
  • IV The Emperor

    UPRIGHT: authority, structure, discipline

    REVERSED: tyranny, rigidity, abuse of power

    full meaning 
  • V The Hierophant

    UPRIGHT: tradition, spiritual wisdom, guidance

    REVERSED: rebellion, nonconformity, spiritual crisis

    full meaning 
  • VI The Lovers

    UPRIGHT: love, partnership, choices

    REVERSED: disharmony, separation, indecision

    full meaning 
  • VII The Chariot

    UPRIGHT: determination, success, progress

    REVERSED: lack of direction, defeat, obstacles

    full meaning 
  • VIII Strength

    UPRIGHT: inner strength, courage, compassion

    REVERSED: weakness, self-doubt, low confidence

    full meaning 
  • IX The Hermit

    UPRIGHT: solitude, reflection, wisdom

    REVERSED: isolation, loneliness, withdrawal

    full meaning 
  • X Wheel Of Fortune

    UPRIGHT: change, cycles, fate

    REVERSED: resistance to change, bad luck, chaos

    full meaning 
  • XI Justice

    UPRIGHT: balance, fairness, truth

    REVERSED: injustice, bias, legal issues

    full meaning 
  • XII The Hanged Man

    UPRIGHT: surrender, letting go, sacrifice

    REVERSED: martyrdom, stagnation, indecision

    full meaning 
  • XIII Death

    UPRIGHT: transformation, endings, rebirth

    REVERSED: resistance to change, fear of the unknown, stagnation

    full meaning 
  • XIV Temperance

    UPRIGHT: balance, moderation, harmony

    REVERSED: imbalance, excess, discord

    full meaning 
  • XV The Devil

    UPRIGHT: temptation, materialism, addiction

    REVERSED: release, freedom, overcoming limitations

    full meaning 
  • XVI The Tower

    UPRIGHT: upheaval, chaos, revelation

    REVERSED: avoidance, delaying the inevitable, postponing change

    full meaning 
  • XVII The Star

    UPRIGHT: hope, inspiration, renewal

    REVERSED: lack of faith, discouragement, disappointment

    full meaning 
  • XVIII The Moon

    UPRIGHT: intuition, illusion, mystery

    REVERSED: unveiling secrets, confusion, deception

    full meaning 
  • XIX The Sun

    UPRIGHT: vitality, positivity, success

    REVERSED: negativity, setbacks, lack of clarity

    full meaning 
  • XX Judgement

    UPRIGHT: awakening, renewal, rebirth

    REVERSED: self-doubt, stagnation, fear of change

    full meaning 
  • XXI The World

    UPRIGHT: completion, fulfillment, travel

    REVERSED: unfinished business, delays, lack of closure

    full meaning