XIX The Sun

The Sun is a card that radiates joy, positivity, and vitality. The card represents success, happiness, and abundance. It is a card of illumination and enlightenment. When the Sun appears in a reading, it indicates that everything is going well, and the person is on the right path.

Traditionally, the Sun card is associated with the days of summer, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky and all of nature is rejoicing in its warmth and light. The Sun card also brings light to dark places, illuminating the path to your heart’s true desires and goals. Whether you are asking about your career, relationships or any other area of your life, the Sun card signifies that everything is possible and you should be optimistic.

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In the radiance of the sun, I am filled with joy and vitality, basking in the warmth of life and abundance.


The Sun card in the upright position represents a time of joy, abundance, and positivity. It indicates that the person is on the right path and is enjoying the fruits of their labor. The Sun card suggests that the person is experiencing a period of success and happiness in their life. It also symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts.

The Sun card often appears in readings when the person is feeling confident and self-assured. It is a card that represents growth and expansion. It suggests that the person is achieving their goals and reaching their full potential. The Sun is a powerful symbol of illumination, and it is a card of enlightenment and clarity.


When the Sun card appears in the reversed position, it can indicate a time of uncertainty, negativity, or a lack of direction. It may suggest that the person is struggling to find their way and is feeling lost or confused. The Sun card in reverse can also represent a lack of confidence or self-esteem.

The reversed Sun card may indicate that the person is experiencing a period of darkness or depression. It may suggest that they are struggling to find the light and are feeling weighed down by their problems. However, the Sun card in reverse also indicates that this is a temporary situation and that things will get better.

Conclusion: The Sun card is a powerful symbol of joy, positivity, and abundance. It represents success, happiness, and enlightenment. When the Sun card appears in a reading, it suggests that the person is on the right path and is experiencing a period of growth and expansion. However, when the Sun card appears in the reversed position, it may indicate a time of uncertainty or negativity. It is important to remember that this is only temporary, and the person will find their way back to the light. The Sun card reminds us that no matter how dark things may seem, there is always a way to find our way back to the light.

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    Also called: batons, staves, clubs, or rods

    Element: Fire

    Astrological signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

    They symbolize: will, action, desire, ambition, masculine energy


    Also called: chalices, goblets, or vessels

    Element: Water

    Astrological signs:Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

    They symbolize: emotions, feelings, the subconscious, intuition


    Also called: blades, daggers, or spades

    Element: Air

    Astrological signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

    They symbolize: thoughts, intellect, communication, mental processes


    Also called: coins, disks, or rings

    Element: Earth

    Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

    They symbolize: foundations, the material and physical realm.

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