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The Essential Tarot Guide

The Essential Tarot Guide

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The Essential Tarot Guide: An Illustrated Companion with Card Meanings, Spreads, and the Fundamentals of Tarot

Discover the mystery, the magic, and the beauty of tarot reading with this informative companion. Intricately illustrated throughout with mystical and celestial art, and an excellent resource whenever you are reading tarot for yourself and others.


The Essential Tarot Guide is written and illustrated by Aniko Gajdocsi, the founder of Shores Of Moon and the creator of the Luna Somnia tarot. The book is suitable to be used together with the Luna Somnia deck as they follow matching themes and illustrations, and it can also be used with any other traditional format deck. 


This tarot guidebook includes the meanings of the full 78-card tarot deck (Major and Minor Arcana), inspired by the symbolism of the original classic Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck and the most commonly used interpretations adopted by many modern psychics and tarot readers. It also discusses the fundamentals and the fascinating history of the tarot, its intuitive power and wisdom, tarot's astrological connections, and you can learn some popular tarot spreads and easy ways to choose cards for a spread.

The Essential Tarot Guide is excellent for beginners looking to get started with tarot, as well as advanced tarot readers wishing to enrich their practice. This guide will help you form meanings and elaborate on your associations with the cards, by providing a variety of possible interpretations. Keep this book with your favorite tarot deck, to have it on hand whenever in need of guidance and divination.


• Choose from paperback or hardcover finishes. You will receive one book, according to your cover choice. The book contents are the same for both cover types.
• 250 pages
• Size: 5.5" width x 8.5" length x 0.7" depth (inches)

Copyright © Aniko Gajdocsi (Shores Of Moon)

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An Insightful Tarot Companion


• Learn about tarot in general
• Get started on your tarot journey
• Develop your intuitive power
• Find guidance during tarot reading sessions
• Interpret the cards with ease
• Learn the card meanings
• Tune into your Higher Self
• Expand your spiritual understanding