XV The Devil

The Devil card can be a confronting and intimidating image, but it carries important lessons about the nature of our desires and attachments. It is associated with temptation, fear, materialism, and bondage. This card encourages us to face our inner demons and work to break free from whatever binds us.

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In the shadows of my psyche, I confront my fears and limitations, embracing my darkness and transmuting it into light.


In the upright position, this card can signify a feeling of being trapped or chained to a situation, often one that is unhealthy or destructive. The Devil represents the parts of ourselves that are driven by fear, greed, and ego, and can lead us down a path of self-destruction if we are not careful.

However, the Devil card also reminds us that we have the power to break free from these chains and take control of our lives. By recognizing our shadow selves and facing our fears, we can begin to loosen the grip that our addictions and vices have on us. The Devil card urges us to take responsibility for our actions and be mindful of the consequences of our choices.


In the reversed position, the Devil card can signify a breakthrough or liberation from the negative patterns that have been holding us back. This card reminds us that it is possible to overcome our addictions and break free from the chains of our own making.

However, it can also signal a warning that we are becoming too reckless or indulgent, and that we need to exercise more caution in our choices.

Conclusion: Overall, the Devil card asks us to take a deeper look at ourselves and our motivations. By acknowledging our fears and weaknesses, we can gain greater insight and understanding of our own inner demons. This awareness can help us to break free from the negative patterns that have been holding us back and lead us towards a more fulfilling and authentic life.

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    Also called: batons, staves, clubs, or rods

    Element: Fire

    Astrological signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

    They symbolize: will, action, desire, ambition, masculine energy


    Also called: chalices, goblets, or vessels

    Element: Water

    Astrological signs:Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

    They symbolize: emotions, feelings, the subconscious, intuition


    Also called: blades, daggers, or spades

    Element: Air

    Astrological signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

    They symbolize: thoughts, intellect, communication, mental processes


    Also called: coins, disks, or rings

    Element: Earth

    Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

    They symbolize: foundations, the material and physical realm.

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