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The Cosmic Tarot Guidebook

The Cosmic Tarot Guidebook

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Unlock the mysteries of the tarot with this informative and inspiring guidebook! The Cosmic Tarot Guidebook features the stunning Cosmica Somnis tarot deck designs, making it the perfect companion for those who own the deck. But even if you don't have the Cosmica Somnis deck, fear not! This guidebook contains a variety of essential information and general tarot knowledge that can be applied to any traditional format tarot deck.

With a focus on the traditional tarot structure of 78 cards, including both Major and Minor Arcana, and classic interpretations, this guidebook is a must-have for both novice and experienced tarot readers alike. With its in-depth analysis of each card, as well as a variety of original spreads designed to explore specific themes and questions, The Cosmic Tarot Guidebook is an essential tool for anyone interested in exploring the tarot.

With its engaging style, stunning illustrations, and wealth of knowledge, The Cosmic Tarot Guidebook is sure to inspire and enlighten you. So why wait? Dive into the world of the tarot today and discover its secrets!


• Paperback cover
• 186 pages
• Size: 5.25" width x 8" length x 0.44" depth (inches)


The Cosmic Tarot Guidebook is written and illustrated by Aniko Gajdocsi, the founder of Shores Of Moon, the creator of the Cosmica Somnis Tarot, the Luna Somnia Tarot, and The Essential Tarot Guide book.

Copyright © Aniko Gajdocsi (Shores Of Moon)

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